About Us

With over 25 years of collective expertise in solar panel electricity, HP Solar is a leader in supplying sustainable, high performance and affordable technologies. As a sustainable energy supplier in San Antonio, we focus on nothing less than vigorously executing our business assignment: Making a Difference in Our Natural World through Alternative Energy and sustaining the planet.

The secret to leaving behind a verdant, sustainable and healthy world for another generation–and many generations to come–is through making energy accessible, more replaceable and abundant. We plan to add to the preservation of our planet through:

  • Electric Energy Generation

  • LED Lighting

    • Road Light & Parking Lot Lights
    • High-Bay & Security Lights
    • Typical or Custom Retrofit Lighting
  • Water Conservation Technologies

    • Sub Surface Drip Irrigation Layout & Setup

As a top sustainable energy supplier in San Antonio, our firm supplies alternative clean energy services for both residential as well as commercial customers including executing Green Energy Initiatives, consultations for PV solar panels, designing and installing numerous alternative energy paths, and supplying evaluations that cope with renewable technologies.

The professionals at HP Solar have an extensive history of expertise in supplying alternative energy options. We’re as happy with our previous contributions and achievements as we’re of our present standing for furnishing the surroundings with safe, life-affirming energy options.

Our team includes a collective, long time history of creating and executing clean, sustainable energies. As stewards of the planet earth on which we reside, we plan to do our part, and much more, to maintain the planet through focussing our efforts and expertise on alternative energy and water conservation options.